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תזכורת: השיעור מערכות מידע חכמות יתקיים היום, יום שלישי, 23/3/10 בחוות המחשבים המרכזית בחדר מס’ 2.



I would like each one of you to send me the list of dates s/he missed class. You can use the comments on the participation page to do so. Thanks.

More changes in classrooms

Please note that only in the dates: March 23 and April 13 the class will take place at כיתה 2 בחווה המרכזית. Additionally, in May 4 the class will take place at כיתה 4 בחווה המרכזית

Change in classroom

The class has moved to room 3105 for the rest of the semester.

MBA event registration

Please do not forget to register by email to the MBA alumni event on auctions. Email address for registration is: